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"The Shivers' third LP mesmerizes with a rollicking, throwback vaudevillian routine..." (Read full review)
KUT 90.5 Austin New Record Review by Laurie Gallardo
"The White Ghost Shivers jumped immediately onto our list of Best Bands Ever." (Read full review)
"Austin's White Ghost Shivers are more than likely about to be your favorite band." (Read full review)
"They're zany, spooky, full of schtick." (Read full review)
"...the ruckus they make is not only novel but also highly entertaining..." (Read full review)
"...a hot-blooded tribute to a less constrained time and place..." (Read full review)
WGS Magazine Spread (Read full review)
Austin Daze Interviews WGS
"At their shows, it's not unusual to see old folks and young punks dancing side-by-side." (Read full review)
" just know you're in for a good time at a Shivers show..." (Read full review)
"...thirty seconds into the opening title track, a huge smile was plastered across my face..." (Read full review)
"'s like you're watching a performances from groups at the Palace Theater in NYC and the Grand Ole Opry at the same time..." (Read full review)
"No one does what they do, not even close." (Read full review)
"...cuttin’ a rug ragtime style..." (Read full review)
"A formidable live band..." (Read full review)
"Delicious." (Read full review)
"Better than cozying up around the wireless with a jug of wicked moonshine..." (Read full review)
"Sort of bathtub gin mix of vaudeville, hillbilly, comedy, swing..." (Read full review)
"It’s an infectious good time for all people..." (Read full review)
"An over-the-top, hokum-embracing jazz band..." (Read full review)
"In between, the corpse brides, she-devils, and sumo wrestlers..." (Read full review)
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Sat Feb 6th 10:00pmCBoys, Austin TX

Sat Feb 13th 6:30pmCentral Market WESTGATE, Austin TX

Sat Feb 20th 7:00pmMucky Duck, Houston TX

Dirty Rumors

  • a relic of a bygone age, White Ghost Shivers pays tribute to a number of antiquated musical styles, doing so fully in character as an over-the-top, hokum-embracing jazz band determined to spread its restless energy around the globe.

    - Herald & Review

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