May 5, 2012

We're getting ready for our summer run of the theater show "Fup Duck", an original puppet show by local production troupe "Glass Half Full", for which we will provide the live musical accompaniment. The show will run Aug 2012

January 1, 2012

Our New record is done!!!

January 1, 2011

We are hard at work recording a new album engineered by Marty Lester @ Tequila Mockingbird Studio in Austin. A spring release is hopeful! We're scouring the depths of our brains for the perfect album title, if you've got an idea, let us know! We'll be releasing the album online, on CD, and finally.....VINYL!!!!!

Our long-awaited Christmas video came to fruition last year, see it HERE

Collaboration with Other Arts


In July 2010, we finished recording our version of Sara Hickman's "Kayaking" for her forthcoming release.

WGS has always been vaudevillian-based, so it only makes sense that we have worked, and continue to work, with various theatrical groups and organizations. 

WGS has teamed up with Auburn Moon Agency and has been showcasing and working the performing arts and college circuits. For these specific inquiries contact  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

In 2010, WGS collaborated with Troubled Puppet Theatre, producing a play, "Fup Duck". The production made the Austin Chronicle's list of "Top 10 Arts-Related, Ah, Things From the Past 12 Months". Here is the review.

Off-Broadway, in NYC, we recently collaborated with "The Handsome Little Devils", a vaudevillian-based theatre troupe, recording a song for a dance number in their ongoing 2011 smash production "Squirm Burpee". ABC's World News Now reviews it here.

We have collaborated with the Ariel Dance Theatre for shows that combine our spirit of performance with theirs, creating what can only be described as "WOW!"

WGS has also worked in collaboration with the Austin Lyric Opera and their Armstrong School of Music, being named "Artists in Residence."    

Original Scores for Silent Movies

In 2006, WGS produced original scores for Buster Keaton's "Cops" and "Sherlock Jr."

Hallowe'en Ball 

Since 2004, WGS has hosted an annual "Hallowe'en Ball" [photos | preview] at various locations around the Austin area. The event at this point is nothing short of notorious! Stay tuned for this year's info!

Seasonal Productions

WGS is very "Seasonal-minded," so songs are constantly being written for different holidays, events, etc. In fact last year, as part of the "Songs for the Season" television broadcast, featuring local bands playing Christmas songs, WGS was contracted to be a part of the occasion. In true form, an original song was written by the group, and a video shoot ensued. WGS performed their original composition, "Santa's Sack", and patiently awaited to see their performance on the night of the broadcast. The show ended with someone doing "Jingle Bell Rock", yet no WGS. When the station was contacted, so that at least a video could be obtained by the band for archiving purposes, they said it had been taped over. What a shame. WGS will never understand why the video was never aired, but finally an mp3 of "Santa's Sack" is available for download here.

At long last, in 2010 Eric Powers and WGS teamed up and the video made its way across the universe here

"White Ghost Shivers Day" is November 16 

In a rather bold move, Austin Mayor Will Wynn has proclaimed November 16 to be "White Ghost Shivers Day", everywhere, and forever. Check out the DVD in the store for behind the scenes footage of WGS preparing to play at Austin City Hall just before being knighted.

European Tours

WGS embarked on its first European Tour in the spring of '08, and performed in Italy, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and the Netherlands over the course of 3 weeks.

This is what happens in Berlin when you hang out with a couple of Irishmen. Check out the photo section for more chronicles. It's quite interesting to wake up in a different country every morning......

Over New Years Eve, '09/'10, the band returned to Germany and played for a week, highlighted by opening for "Kitty,Daisy,Lewis"(they're huge in EU, apparently) at Admiralspalast, the most beautiful theatre Berlin has to offer.

Rock Show

Every now again WGS puts on a Rock Show, when all your favorite WGS songs are transformed into Metal, Punk Rock, and Arena Rock anthems. Acoustic instruments become electric guitars, and banjos are transformed into drum kits. The "Killing Tradition" EP was released in '07, documenting the free-for-all. Here is an mp3 for the somewhat obscure WGS original, "On Dreams."



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Fri Jun 10th 10:00pmContinental Club w/ Clyde and Clem! ATX

Fri Jun 24th 9:00pmRadio ATX

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