Who Are the White Ghost Shivers, Anyway?

Peeling the faces off the unsuspecting for over a decade. We revel in string-band music from the 20s and 30s, mixing early jazz, hokum, vaudeville, ragtime, western swing and hillbilly, yet unleashing the gutterous underbelly of a pseudo-rock world gone wrong. YEE HAW!

Imagine a smorgasbord of Cab Calloway, circus sideshow, KISS, cabaret, Hee Haw and Robert Johnson served up at Andy Kaufman's bat-mitzvah. A joyous mixture of the absurd and sublime, the six-piece ensemble gracefully blends a musical amalgam of Hokum Blues, Hillbilly Swing, Country and Hot Jazz.

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Everyone's Got 'Em - those White Ghost Shivers! 

Band Bios

Cella Blue - Vocals, Slide Whistle, Foley Fun Havin', Dancing, Skirt Lifting.

Shorty Stump -  Vocals, Tenor Banjo, Ukulele, Guitar, Mandolin, Kazoo, Nose Flute, Baritone Horn, Tap, Antics.

Hot Thomas - Vocals, Violin, Tenor Banjo, Lunacy.

Smokebreak Slemenda - Vocals, Lead Guitar, Chain Smoking.

Poppiticus - String Bass, Background Vocals, Chillin.

Sporty Velour - Clarinet, Mouth Harp, and Rocket-Design.

Dirty Rumors

  • ...a bathtub gin mix of vaudeville, hillbilly, comedy, swing...I really like their music and, if you're a vintage fan, you probably will too.

    - A Cat Of Impossible Color (Andrea Eames)

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